Cryogenic needle valves: from a successful cooperation to a wide range of products

Sami Instruments offers a wide range of valves and accessories, with standard temperature – as per our recent post – up to -46°C (-50°F), but we can also supply valves and fittings for cryogenic applications, up to -196°C (-320°F).

This cryogenic valve range was developped in 2014 thanks to the cooperation with WIKA Italy: the customer was interested in an alternative to the current supplier. Sami was eager to take this occasion to widen its medium and high pressure range including the cryogenic version.

The solution and relevant offer was accepted and the customer has been purchasing these valves from Sami ever since (approx. 300 pcs. until today).

The models involved in this cooperation were only two (15.000 psi needle valve 1/4″ and 1/2″ NPT connections), but Sami is able to supply a wide range of configurations of cryogenic needle valves.

The valves were installed in a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) processing plant.



Below you can find general information on our cryogenic valves:

DESIGN REFERENCES ASME B16.34 Steel Valves ● ASME B31.3 Process Piping ● MSS SP-99
CONNECTION TYPES  ASME B1.20 NPT & C&T ● ASME B16.11 Socket Weld ● ASME B16.25 Butt Weld
SIZE Needle valves: 1/4″ through 1″
CLASS RATINGS Needle valves: from 6.000 to 30.000 psi (413 to 2068 bar)
TEMPERATURE -196 ÷ +180 °C (-320 ÷ +356 °F)
FEATURES Low torque value ● Anti Blow Out Stem ● Low wear
CONFIGURATIONS Single Block ● Block and Bleed ● Double Block and Bleed
TEST MSS BP-61 ● API 598 Pressure Test of Valves (Pneumatic) ● On request: low temperature test
STANDARD CERTIFICATIONS EN 10204 3.1 material test and pressure test
CERTIFICATIONS UPON REQUEST Dye Penetrant Examination according to ASME Section V, Article 6 ● Positive Material Identification ● HardnessTest according to ASME B31.3  ● Charpy V Impact Test at -196°C according to ASME VIII div.1 ●  Oxygen cleaning to According to ASTM G98


Cryogenic needle valve 15.000 psi

Cryogenic needle valve 15.000 psi

Criogenic high pressure valves with nitrogen application

Cryogenic high pressure valves with nitrogen application












Do you need a quotation or wish to receive more information? Contact us and we’ll be happy to send you more details and a customized offer.

The story of Sami: almost 60 years of excellence, from instrumentation manufacturer to valve expert

A travel back in time: from the foundation in 1961, to the first production of valves, to the current product range: almost 60 years of history.

Have you ever wondered where the name “Sami” comes from?

It’s an acronym which stands for “Strumentazione per Automazioni e Misure Industriali” (Instrumentation for Automation and Industrial Measurement).

As you may have noticed, there is no mention of valves whatsoever in the name. In fact, the official name of the company is “Sami Instruments S.r.l.”. The name “Valves” is just present in the website url and in the e-mail address.

Sami has been manufacturing valves, almost exclusively, for quite some time, so what is the reason for this?

The explanation is simple: Sami started as an instrumentation manufacturer in 1961, supplying static and differential pressure prenumatic transmitters, pneumatic and electronic level trasmitters with torque tubes, reducing filters, vibration switches, calibrated flanges for flow measurement, nozzles, Venturi and Pitot tubes, etc.

One of the biggest selling points was the ability to engineer and manufacture complete automation systems.

Old Sami factory

Old Sami factory in Mestre (near Venice)

Needle and manifold valves and globe valves – the only type of valves Sami manufactured at the beginning – were made only from forged bodies and were considered merely accessories compared to the main instrumentation lines.

Only in 1998 we started with the production of bar stock valves and we specialized more and more in this product range, expanding it ever since.


Sami’s product range in the 1990s

Sami was founded in Mestre, near Venice, then moved to Noale and finally to Reschigliano, near Padova.

From the old instrumentation production, we still manufacture air filter regulators and vibration switches, while the production of differential pressure transmitters was stopped only 4 years ago.

From year 2000 on, Sami has always been expanding and improving its range of valves, manufacturing monoflanges, instrumentation and piping DBB valves and – our youngest line – medium and high pressure valves, from 15.000 to 60.000 psi.


Evolution of Sami logos, from 1960 to 2018.


Old technical and assembly dept.

Old technical and assembly dept.

Old assembly dept.

Old assembly dept.

Old production dept.

Old production dept.

"First edition" of Sami ball valves

“First edition” of Sami ball valves

Automation system

Sampling and conditioning system

Technical drawings were made by hand, on graph paper, and then coloured with crayons

Technical drawings were made by hand, on graph paper, and then coloured with crayons

An example of an old price list, typewritten

An example of an old price list, typewritten



Take advantage of 60 years of experience and know-how: browse our current catalogues and ask for a personalized quotation or for a customized solution. Our staff is at your disposal for any questions.

Achema 2018

ACHEMA exhibition: experience the new WIKA-SAMI application display

Visit WIKA stand at ACHEMA fair and get to know the new exhibit, which combines Sami and WIKA applications.

  • Date: 11 – 15/6/2018
  • Place: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

You will find us in hall 11.1, stand C3   

Achema 2018

ACHEMA is one of the most important exhibitions for chemical and process engineering and biotechnology. Every three years it attracts around 4.000 exhibitors from over 50 different countries and 170.000 professionals from all over the world. The main applications include laboratory equipment, pumps and analytical devices, packaging machinery, boilers and stirrers, safety technology, materials and software, and cover all the needs of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food production industries.


If you’re visiting ACHEMA exhibition, remember to pay a visit to WIKA stand first: a brand new application display will allow you to actually experience the perfect combination between WIKA gauges, transmitters and instruments and Sami valves, brackets and accessories: a complete assembly which will save you both time and energy and provide a complete solution for your instrumentation needs.

The new display will also illustrate the piping double block and bleed and monoflange applications and other high pressure samples will complete Sami Instruments product range.

Achema Application display

Achema Application display with Sami valves and WIKA instruments


Make sure you visit WIKA stand: our staff will be pleased to reply to all your questions.


Our staff ready for Achema 2018

Low temperature: what is the real limit for needle and manifold valves?

The difference between “survival” and “operated” is essential regarding low temperature. When is it really “too cold” for Sami needle and manifold valves?

Sometimes a simple question can turn out to be quite controversial.

One of the most frequent doubts our customers wish to clarify is: “can Sami needle valves and manifolds sustain a temperature below -46°C (-51°F)?”.

Icicles on a pipeline

Icicles on a pipeline

The first aspect to define in this case is what the customer means exactly.

It’s well-known that there is an important difference between “survival” and “operated”, when we are talking about minimum and maximum temperatures.

The current minimum design temperature for needle and manifold valves is -46°C.

Our valves are manufactured in a way which allows them to resist up to -196°C (-320°F), with PTFE packing, but when the temperature falls below -46°C (-50°F), the valve must be considered fit for “survival, not operated“.

What does it mean? Essentially, that the valve will indeed resist to these extreme temperatures, without breaking or major leaks, but it won’t be possible to open, close or drain it.

In fact, valves below -46°C are usually considered cryogenic valves, according to international standards: they need special extended bonnets to be operated and require an in-depth analysis on the materials which must be used.

Therefore, it’ is always important to check the use and installation of the valve, if customer’s specifications are missing.


Do you need more information regarding Sami valves and their low-temperature applications? Contact our experts to make sure you choose the right valve for your application.

Are you interested in cryogenic valves? Check out our datasheet and ask us for a quote.

Sami high pressure needle valve for cryogenic application

Sami high pressure needle valve for cryogenic application



Applicable standards:

BS6364 Valves for cryogenic service

ISO 28921-1 – Industrial valves – Isolating valves for low-temperature applications

MSS SP-134-Valves for cryogenic service, including requirements for body/bonnet extensions

Updated catalogues: more information and increased readability

The new revision of Sami Instruments’ catalogues comes with a new graphic layout as well as an updated content.

Behind this decision was the need to have a better classification of our items, with a more elegant layout and more accessible information for our customers.

The new edition is composed of 7 catalogues, one for each product line:

  1. Ball Valves
  2. Needle and Manifold valves
  3. Monoflanges
  4. Instrumentation Ball Valves
  5. Piping Ball Valves (NEW!)
  6. Accessories (low pressure adapters, gauge snubbers and check valves)
  7. Medium and High Pressure valves and fittings
Old Sami Catalogues

Previous version


New Sami Catalogues

New revision


What has changed?

The previous Technical section has been included in the relevant product literature, thus providing more handy technical background directly in the product catalogue without the need to browse a different file.

The new, dedicated catalogue “Piping ball valves” focuses on the full and reduced bore ball valves for piping applications in the oil & gas market.

Each catalogue has been re-checked and updated to provide our customers with always clear, precise and quick information to choose the correct product.


Download your copy here and remember to delete the previous files.


For more information or suggestions, please contact us.

Hannover Messe: where to find Sami products

At WIKA stand you’ll find Sami products and experts on valves

  • Date: 23 – 27/4/2018
  • Place: Hannover, Germany

You will find us in hall 11, stand C56

Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe is the world’s largest industrial trade fair, where you will find the full range of technical innovations from integrated automation, motion and drives to digital IT solutions, from energy systems and mobility to industrial supply, research and technology.
Pay a visit to the WIKA stand: explore Sami’s range of valves and accessories, discover the perfect combination of instrumentation and valves to suit your needs and find your customized solution.

Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs: discover Sami products at WIKA booth

Pay a visit to WIKA Benelux stand and check out Sami products for water treatment application.

  • Date: 13 – 15/03/2018
  • Place: Evenementenhal Gorinchem, Gorinchem, Netherlands

You will find us in stand K.114


Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs is the national trade fair for water treatment, water management and water technology.
This event showcases products like Wastewater treatment, Disinfection, Drinking water Suppliers, piping systems , Flow Meters, Hydraulic engineering etc.
Make sure to visit the WIKA Benelux stand: besides discussing your specific solution for temperature-, pressure-, level-, flow- measurements as well as calibration, you will also find Sami Instruments products and trained staff who will be eager to show you our valves and help you find your customized solution.
See below some pictures of our stand:



ADIPEC 2017: Visit Sami at WIKA booth

Meet Sami staff and see our products at WIKA stand

  • Date: 13 – 16/11/2017
  • Place: Abu Dhabi, UAE

You will find us in hall 13, Stand 13255

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) is one of the world’s most influential events for the oil and gas industry.
Situated at a cross roads of east meets west, ADIPEC is the largest oil and gas exhibition and conference in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the MENA region.
Make sure to visit the WIKA stand: besides discussing your specific solution for temperature-, pressure-, level-, flow- measurements as well as calibration, you will also find Sami Instruments staff, who will be eager to show you our valves and help you find your customized solution.
Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge.

Offshore Europe 2017: Sami products showcased at WIKA booth

Our new colleagues from WIKA Instruments Ltd. were present at Offshore Europe 2017, which took place in Aberdeen (Scotland) from 5th to 8th September.

SPE Offshore Europe is recognised by offshore E&P professionals as Europe’s leading E&P event, with 50,000+ attendees and 1,000+ exhibitors, from international market leaders to new innovative technology companies.

The staff of WIKA Instruments Ld. received some very interesting leads regarding Sami products during the fair.

See below some photos of Sami items at WIKA booth:

WIKA booth at Offshore Europe 2017

WIKA booth at Offshore Europe 2017

A display with Sami needle valves and manifolds

A display with Sami needle valves and manifolds

A perfect fit: WIKA gauge assembled to Sami monoflange double block & bleed with O.S.&Y. bonnet

A perfect fit: WIKA gauge assembled to Sami monoflange double block & bleed with O.S.&Y. bonnet

Mr. Stokes, Product Sales Specialist, Instrument Valves and Process Gauges, at WIKA stand

Mr. Stokes, Product Sales Specialist, Instrument Valves and Process Gauges, at WIKA stand


We’ll be pleased to meet you again in 2019!


Sami Instruments S.r.l. becomes a division of WIKA group

We would like to inform all our valuable customers and business partners that, after a long and profitable partnership with WIKA, on Monday April 3rd 2017, an agreement was signed between WIKA and the owners of SAMI for the complete acquisition of SAMI Group.


The transfer of ownership will be completed within the end of July 2017.


Click here to read the relevant press release.


Your reference contact persons will remain unchanged and they are available for any further additional information you may need.


Reschigliano, 12/4/2017

Mr. Luigi De Mitri

Vice President


Sami logo onda LOW RES WIKA logo