About Sami Instruments

Sami timeline

Sami Instruments is an Italian manufacturer – part of TFM group – and leader in instrumentation, piping and high pressure valves and accessories, with over 50 years of experience and know how.

Our sales network

Sami headquarters are located in Padova, near Venice: made in Italy is an essential feature of our production. Our sales network is composed of our two branches: Sami Asia and Sami USA, together with a wide range of distributors in over 37 countries.
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Safety and technology

Over the years we obtained the main quality certifications for system and products, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.
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State-of-the-art machineries, together with the same technology and quality tests used for automotive items, make Sami an excellence of Italian engineering.
All raw materials are from certified Western-European origin.
Every item in Sami goes through a series of strict testing before, during and after the machining phase.
Non destructive examinations such as PMI, DPI, MPI and Ultrasonic tests are also available.
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Our production range includes instrumentation ball valves and needle valves and manifolds, for pressures from 6.000 to 10.000 psi and with standard connections from ¼” to 1” NPT or BSPP.

Sami monoflange valves are manufactured according to EEMUA 182, and are available in connections from 1/2” to 3”.

Our instrumentation and piping DBB valves are manufactured according to EEMUA 182 and ASME B16.34, and their connections range from 1/2” to 3”. Bore sizes range from 10mm for instrumentation valves up to 74mm for piping applications.

Our high pressure valves, fittings and adapters, are suitable for pressures from 15.000 to 60.000 psi and are available in connections from ¼” to 1” and in a variety of connection types.

The marking on every item includes our part number, connections, material, date of production and heat number, for a full traceability.

Each item is carefully packed and labelled with relevant bar code, for a quick collection and fast shipping.

Our Mission

We started in 1960 as instrumentation manufacturers and we have increasingly specialized in high quality valves.

Italian know-how and production, combined with qualified European suppliers, make Sami an excellence of Italian engineering.

Our General Manager

Our Sales and Marketing team

Our Technical team

Our Purchasing team

Our Administration team

Our Quality team

Our Production and Shipping team

Our Assembling team

From left to right:
Ms. Simona Diana Fuma
Mr. Marius Erbaru
Mr. Michele Righetti
Ms. Angelica Butacu
Mr. Mircea Onet
Mr. Cristinel Gheorghies
Mr. Octaviasn Morosanu
Mr. Gheorghe Nicolae
Mr. Massimiliano Vigorelli
Mr. Zoran Stamenkovic

Sami Montegaldella: Our Management, Purchasing and Quality team

From left to right:
Mr. Raul Rota – Quality control
Mr. Matteo Secotaro – Purchasing department
Mr. Marco Crivellaro – Quality manager
Mr. Alessandro Milani – Quality control
Mr. Stefano De Luca – Quality control
Mr. Nicholas Alibardi – Production planning
Mr. Marcello Pavan – Plant manager

Sami Montegaldella: Our Production team

From left to right:
Mr. Nicola Lodi
Mr. Valerio Baldinazzo
Mr. Mamadou Bocar Thioune
Mr. Alan Carpanese
Mr. Alessandro Pavolato
Mr. Marco George
Mr. Mattia Desiderato
Mr. Luca Bassetto
Mr. Daniel Popovici
Mr. Corrado Calandra
Mr. Andrea Mampreso
Mr. Luca Andolfo
Mr. Mattia Foletto
Mr. Stefano Garbo
Mr. Andrea Perilongo
Mr. Alessandro Barbato
Mr. Daniele Borello
Mr. Amadou Ba
Mr. Denys Pinna
Mr. Andrea Gatto
Mr. Abdourakhmane Diop