Low temperature: what is the real limit for needle and manifold valves?

The difference between “survival” and “operated” is essential regarding low temperature. When is it really “too cold” for Sami needle and manifold valves?

Sometimes a simple question can turn out to be quite controversial.

One of the most frequent doubts our customers wish to clarify is: “can Sami needle valves and manifolds sustain a temperature below -46°C (-51°F)?”.

Icicles on a pipeline

Icicles on a pipeline

The first aspect to define in this case is what the customer means exactly.

It’s well-known that there is an important difference between “survival” and “operated”, when we are talking about minimum and maximum temperatures.

The current minimum design temperature for needle and manifold valves is -46°C.

Our valves are manufactured in a way which allows them to resist up to -196°C (-320°F), with PTFE packing, but when the temperature falls below -46°C (-50°F), the valve must be considered fit for “survival, not operated“.

What does it mean? Essentially, that the valve will indeed resist to these extreme temperatures, without breaking or major leaks, but it won’t be possible to open, close or drain it.

In fact, valves below -46°C are usually considered cryogenic valves, according to international standards: they need special extended bonnets to be operated and require an in-depth analysis on the materials which must be used.

Therefore, it’ is always important to check the use and installation of the valve, if customer’s specifications are missing.


Do you need more information regarding Sami valves and their low-temperature applications? Contact our experts to make sure you choose the right valve for your application.

Are you interested in cryogenic valves? Check out our datasheet and ask us for a quote.

Sami high pressure needle valve for cryogenic application

Sami high pressure needle valve for cryogenic application



Applicable standards:

BS6364 Valves for cryogenic service

ISO 28921-1 – Industrial valves – Isolating valves for low-temperature applications

MSS SP-134-Valves for cryogenic service, including requirements for body/bonnet extensions

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