The story of Sami: almost 60 years of excellence, from instrumentation manufacturer to valve expert

A travel back in time: from the foundation in 1961, to the first production of valves, to the current product range: almost 60 years of history.

Have you ever wondered where the name “Sami” comes from?

It’s an acronym which stands for “Strumentazione per Automazioni e Misure Industriali” (Instrumentation for Automation and Industrial Measurement).

As you may have noticed, there is no mention of valves whatsoever in the name. In fact, the official name of the company is “Sami Instruments S.r.l.”. The name “Valves” is just present in the website url and in the e-mail address.

Sami has been manufacturing valves, almost exclusively, for quite some time, so what is the reason for this?

The explanation is simple: Sami started as an instrumentation manufacturer in 1961, supplying static and differential pressure prenumatic transmitters, pneumatic and electronic level trasmitters with torque tubes, reducing filters, vibration switches, calibrated flanges for flow measurement, nozzles, Venturi and Pitot tubes, etc.

One of the biggest selling points was the ability to engineer and manufacture complete automation systems.

Old Sami factory

Old Sami factory in Mestre (near Venice)

Needle and manifold valves and globe valves – the only type of valves Sami manufactured at the beginning – were made only from forged bodies and were considered merely accessories compared to the main instrumentation lines.

Only in 1998 we started with the production of bar stock valves and we specialized more and more in this product range, expanding it ever since.


Sami’s product range in the 1990s

Sami was founded in Mestre, near Venice, then moved to Noale and finally to Reschigliano, near Padova.

From the old instrumentation production, we still manufacture air filter regulators and vibration switches, while the production of differential pressure transmitters was stopped only 4 years ago.

From year 2000 on, Sami has always been expanding and improving its range of valves, manufacturing monoflanges, instrumentation and piping DBB valves and – our youngest line – medium and high pressure valves, from 15.000 to 60.000 psi.


Evolution of Sami logos, from 1960 to 2018.


Old technical and assembly dept.

Old technical and assembly dept.

Old assembly dept.

Old assembly dept.

Old production dept.

Old production dept.

"First edition" of Sami ball valves

“First edition” of Sami ball valves

Automation system

Sampling and conditioning system

Technical drawings were made by hand, on graph paper, and then coloured with crayons

Technical drawings were made by hand, on graph paper, and then coloured with crayons

An example of an old price list, typewritten

An example of an old price list, typewritten



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