Updated catalogues: more information and increased readability

The new revision of Sami Instruments’ catalogues comes with a new graphic layout as well as an updated content.

Behind this decision was the need to have a better classification of our items, with a more elegant layout and more accessible information for our customers.

The new edition is composed of 7 catalogues, one for each product line:

  1. Ball Valves
  2. Needle and Manifold valves
  3. Monoflanges
  4. Instrumentation Ball Valves
  5. Piping Ball Valves (NEW!)
  6. Accessories (low pressure adapters, gauge snubbers and check valves)
  7. Medium and High Pressure valves and fittings
Old Sami Catalogues

Previous version


New Sami Catalogues

New revision


What has changed?

The previous Technical section has been included in the relevant product literature, thus providing more handy technical background directly in the product catalogue without the need to browse a different file.

The new, dedicated catalogue “Piping ball valves” focuses on the full and reduced bore ball valves for piping applications in the oil & gas market.

Each catalogue has been re-checked and updated to provide our customers with always clear, precise and quick information to choose the correct product.


Download your copy here and remember to delete the previous files.


For more information or suggestions, please contact us.

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