Safety First

For SAMI, “Safety first” is not just a motto, but our standard way of working:

100% leak and seat testing

All our valves are always tested after assembly and before packing and a full report is included in the standard documentaton we send our customers.

3.1 certificate and full traceability

3.1 and relevant raw material certficatons are included in our standard free set of documents for each order. Each lot is identfied and a heat no. marked on each item, enables a face traceability back to the raw material.

Western European material only

Our raw material, as well as any components of our valves, are supplied by companies of qualified western European origin. No Indian, Chinese or any other extra EU countries are allowed as our suppliers.


ISO 9001: 2008, OHSAS 18000, ISO 14000, Firesafe, and many others which can be found on this page. Our integrated policy for environment and safety can be downloaded here (see here for Italian version).

State of the art technology

High quality CNC machineries of the automotve sector allow us to replicate each item fast and without margin of error. All our machines are changed every 4 year.

after-sales serviceWarranty and after-sale service

SAMI’s products are guaranteed 12 months from start-up and 24 months from delivery. A worldwide network of distributors and agents is available for sale and after-sale service.